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Welcome to the Biomembrane Lab at the University of Michigan. The Biomembrane Lab is the research group of Professor Michael Mayer in the departments of Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Engineering.

Current areas of research include the study of ion channels and membrane transporters, micro/nano fabrication, biomimetics, and biosensors.

Recent News . . .


New Paper in Lab on a Chip - "Dual-pore glass chips for cell-attached single-channel recordings" by Bruhn et al. was recently featured on the inside cover of Lab on a Chip and was selected as a LOC HOT article. Patch-clamp experiments with the chips developed in this work consistently achieved high seal resistances, maintained gigaseals for up to 6 hours, achieved the lowest RMS noise ever reported for a planar patch-clamp platform, and enabled single-channel recordings in the cell-attached configuration that are comparable to those obtained by conventional patch-clamp. Click here to check out all papers from the lab.


New Paper in Biophysical Journal - "A Model for the Interfacial Kinetics of Phospholipase D Activity on Long-Chain Lipids" by Majd et al. was recently featured on the cover of Biophysical Journal and highlighted in its "New and Notable" article. This paper examines the kinetics of the membrane-active enzyme phospholipase D in planar lipid bilayers and presents a kinetic model for interfacial catalysis. The general model presented in this paper will contribute to the understanding of other lipolytic enzymes and their role in cell signaling. Click here to check out all papers from the lab.


New Paper in PLOS ONE - A recent paper from the lab, "Multivariate Analyses of Amyloid-β Oligomer Populations Indicate a Connection Between Pore Formation and Cytotoxicity," presents data that suggests the ion channel activity of certain aggregate sizes is a mechanism for neuronal cell death in Alzheimer's disease. This knowledge will help researcher's develop therapeutics that prevent amyloid-β pore activity. This work was highligted by UM News (16Oct2012), Futurity, and in a radio interview on WILS 1320. More recently, MconneX featured a video of Prof. Mayer discussing this research. Click here to check out all papers from the lab.


New Paper in PNAS - In collaboration with Dr. Cheri Deng's group of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, we recently published "Spatiotemporally Controlled Single Cell Sonoporation." in Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.. This paper quantifies the dynamic process of ultrasound-mediated cell membrane disruption, or sonoporation, and its ability to deliver molecules to the interior of single cells using whole-cell patch clamp recordings and fluorescence microscopy. This investigation will help sonoporation become an enabling technology for controlled, intracellular delivery of membrane-impermeant molecules. Click here to check out all papers from the lab.

Erik Yusko

Erik Presents at Biophysical Society's Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA - The annual Biophysical Society Meeting was held in San Diego, CA this year, and among the many great talks was one from Erik Yusko titled "Developing Nanopores with Fluid Walls for Improved, Single Molecule Biosensors." Erik presented new results on quantifying the affinity of a protein ligand interaction, characterizing the shape of IgG antibodies in solution, and sensing amyloid-beta aggregates all by employing nanopores with fluid walls. This work builds on the results we presented in a recent Nature Nanotechnology paper. Congratulations!

Panchika Prangkio

Panchika Prangkio Defends Her Thesis - Congratulations to Dr. Panchika Prangkio for successfully defending her thesis titled: Investigation of Cytotoxicity and Ion Flux Induced by Various Aggregation States of Amyloid-beta Peptides. Panchika confirmed that amyloid beta peptides can assemble into ion channels in lipid membranes as she recorded step-wise ionic currents due to single channels. She also correlated ion channel formation with aggregation of amyloid-beta as well as with cytotoxicity. Click here to read her abstract. Click here to see her profile.

Funding News

Funding Sources Michael Mayer is selected as a Larry Miller Faculty Scholar (October 2013)

Michael Mayer receives a grant from Oxford Nanopore Technologies to develop synthetic nanopores with fluid walls for detecting, quantifying, and characterizing clinically-relevant amyloid oligomers and protein biomarkers (April 2013)

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