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Shuichi Takayama, Ph.D.
Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Professor, Macromolecular Science and Engineering

A183 Bldg NCRC
2800 Plymouth
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2800

Phone: (734) 615-5539
Fax: (734) 936-1905

More Info: We create micro/nanotechnologies for cell-based assays, cell-based therapies, and epigenetic & protein biomarker analysis. Microfluidic tissue engineering of miniature human body parts –such as a lung-on-a-chip, cancer-on-a-chip, and fibrosis-on-a-chip– deepen our understanding of disease physiology and serve as a platform to better predict drug efficacy and toxicity. Microfluidic in vitro fertilization systems are contributing clinically to assist in human reproduction. Spatio-temporal microfluidic patterning techniques allow dissection of cell signaling pathways, modeling of subcellular compartmentalization, analysis of cell migration, biomembrane manipulation, and studies of bacterial community behavior. Another focus area is protein biomarkers. While many potential biomarkers are reported, few are validated for use in the clinic or clinical trials. This is due in part to measurement challenges. We develop protein biomarker assays that reduce background and false positive signals through microscale phase separation of reagents. Working with clinicians in areas of autoimmune and cardiovascular disease we are accelerating the validation of diagnostic protein biomarkers for these diseases. We also perform nanofluidic epigenetic analysis on single strands of chromatin.

Research Areas: Bio-MEMS and Microfluidics, Bio-Nanotechnology, Biofluids, Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine.